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Post  Mikl on Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:42 pm

Things here aren't final. Its part brainstorm, so input are welcome.

Our ideals:This guild aims to be "our" guild, not Mikls, Shawarmas, or officers guild. Hence, ideas and suggestions are highly welcome. If we can't come to an aggreement, we will decide something though. I'm not afraid of making decisions.
We pretty much only have 2 guild rules that are set in stone.
1. Respect other people
2. Don't waste other peoples time (showing up late for raids, leaving early, not being prepared for a boss and hence causing wipes, etc) ofc, things can happen you can't controll. We accept that, but then at least please try to tell us. You can even text me on +0045, 28896414
If you are just 2 mins late without telling, I'll try to find pugs. And I'm NOT kicking a pug if you then show up 5 mins later.

We don't really care how much people ever have cleared, we do however expect people to be willing to improve themselves.

Ranks:We are trying to keep ranks low. For administrative reasons however, we have to have ranks for Shaw, Mikl + alt. Rest of guild only got 2 real ranks. Raiders and socials. Alts can be raiders if they raid, else they are just social. We only divide into those 2 to easier form raids.
Trials are trials until either they are fed up being a trial and leaves, or us+them both thinks its a cool idea if they become a member.

Raiding:Raiding 2-3 times a week. Thursday+monday+something more casual some night people are up for it. We got plenty of people that wants to clear out older raids. Even for fun/socialising if we don't get nothing else of it.
The time would be 20-23, with invites going out 19.45-20.00.

Pugs:We aren't scared of pugging. Sure, things will be slower and wipe more likely to happen. But it beats cancelling a raid anyday. Besides, we found several nice pugs, we'd love to keep around.

Bank:Feel free to take crap out of bank. That is why its there. However do try to give as much as you take.
There might be stuff on tab2 you like, just tell some officer and we'll likely get it to you.

Loot rules:
If your a lootwhore, odds are you won't fit in guild. We don't raid to get gear. We get gear to raid. MS->OS->DE.
If something is a HUGE upgrade for you, while only a tiny upgrade for another, feel free to mention it. Hopefully he'll be nice and let you have it, but if not, fair deal.

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