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Post  Zabe on Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:55 pm

Hi, This is COMISSIONER! aka Zabe aka Za-be Very Happy

I started playing WoW, over a year ago, mid WotLK. And i have 2 mains Comissioner and Zabe. also another 80 Comiza, for other personal favours (dirty mind!) i mean farming. Some alts with names derived from sticking together the names of my mains, i know, very original Razz

I really think i have 2 mains, only because i gear and raid/pvp with them both equally. At the moment im liking healing a bit more, pvping and raiding with either. I do enjoy every aspect of WoW, the questing, pvp, pve, and ofcourse making gold Smile Talking about pvp i really like to pwn some horde! so if im online ill be up for some HARDCORE PVP! rawr!!

Ok, guild history, here there everywhere really, even other servers :S 1st major one was probably the now disbanded (R.I.P) Condemnation, EPGP ate my forsaken nomnoms then Polaris Lux and Caligatio for a short while and now this one. I did spend a lot of time guildless between and before this also.

In the real world (so cruel Crying or Very sad ) im a 22 year old student, from London studying chemistry/microbiology not as exciting as it sounds, research takes a long time..blah blah blah.

As for this guild i am really looking forward to getting into the new Cata content with you guys, and i know with my imba skills i can carry us all through! Cool


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