Some rules for the Raiding

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Some rules for the Raiding Empty Some rules for the Raiding

Post  Mikl on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:14 pm

Although we like to be silly and have fun, raiding with 10 people requires a little seriousness too. Hence there are some things we'll require of our raiders.

1. Be on time. Preferably logging on 5-15 min before. After raid start is NOT the time to go to auction house, bank, repair, whatever. And if your even just 1 min late, I might start looking for pugs. And those pugs will stay as long as they fancy and will NOT be replaced by late guildies. Hence, if your gonna be late, tell and we'll fix your spot.

2. Stay for the whole duration. 20-23. Try to sort real life issue before, not during. And if you know you'll be leaving early, tell. Its imba annoying trying to 9 man the last hour.

3. Download addons. Omen, Deadly Boss Mod. Or something similar.

4. Don't spam recount/skada/whatever. Its a tool to help yourself, not a way to brag.

5. Listen in on vent (and ofc, do what is being told)

6. No whining if we do bosses in a way you think are stupid.

7. We roll for gear with a MS->OS->whatever-> DE. We encourage people to pass tiny upgrades for bigger ones. But it is NOT required.

8. Raids aren't a freeride to getting gear. Gear up beforehand as much as you can.

9. Spend a few mins before a boss you don't know reading up on the general fight + what YOU in particular have to do. The 5 mins you spend on studying will easily save alot more time raiding.

10. Its not only possible, but encouraged to raid with more than 1 character. However, requires even more dedicated gearing up on your own, and you can't decide when to play each.

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