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I am shawarma, I am an altoholic....

I have played wow since summer 2008.
When I started playing wow, I was playing with and healing Mikl, who is a real life friend of mine.
At start my shaman was my main, and it have been ever since. I love my shaman and I love to heal.
So healing with my shaman is the best, and what's my competence Wink

I like to do all part of the game; raid, dungoens, achivement, old stuff and even pvp.
And also I like to help others, so if you need any help, just come to me cheers

I am female in real life, although girls dont play wow Razz
I am 29, soon 30 years old, and live in the little beautiful country Denmark.
I can be a bit quiet, but that dont mean I'm not listen, and I'm always ready for a talk.

My Guild History:
The first raiding guild I was in was Entropy, it was a very lovely 25man guild with people I realy cared about. I left that guild, to try out something else and try a 10man guild.
Then I joined Hearthstone, also a guild I was very happy to be in, sadly the guild disbanded, so I needed to find another home together with my naked dancing dreanei friend Mikl. After Hearthstone I have had some quick visits at a couple of guild as not was the right places for us. some of them; Illusion, Sanctuary Knights, Coldemnation, Epgp Ate My Dog and Polaris Lux.
Then I found Caligatio, who was a group of people I did know in advance, they gave me the chance to try out the job as Officer, which gave me the trust to try out the job as leader of an guild. I was glad to be in Caligatio, but left to use the chance of Cataclysme to try out the challenge to start this new guild, My Epics for a Donkey.

For me a good guild is a group of people who know how to have fun and to keep focus in raids, what some other guilds have problems with.
I think its importen everyone in guild have a voice when there are taken dicisions. and every one feal they can tell if there is anything they are not happy about.
Last but not least do I think RESPECT is very importen; Respect for the guild and the members and each others time. It's just a game, but the people you play with are real people.

My Characters:
Shawarma - Shaman Resto/Elemental - Alchemist
Falaffel- Paladin Holy/Protection - Inskription
Nigny - Hunter - Enchanching
Suzhi - Priest Disc - Tailor
Gnocchi- Warlock - Engeneering
Spardame - Death Knight - Jewelcrafting (not in guild, just JC/bank alt)

Also I have a few alts on other realms.

- Shawarma The Shaman Healer and Guild Mistress of My Epics for a Donkey I love you

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