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Post  Mikl on Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:23 pm


I have been playing WoW since the summer of '69 (almost, maybe its only 2004 or 2005)

Mostly started out with playing with a friend i knew from a MuD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUD). Spend alot of time lvling and pvping, but did get around to raid MC+BWL (never killing either of the last bosses)

For tbc i changed faction and became horde. Yet again, focusing mostly on pvping, but still raiding KZ, SSC, TK, BT, BWL - And yet again, I never got to kill a final boss anywhere (but kz)

For WotLK, I brought Shawarma into the game, and switched back to alliance (and to a PvE server) Alot less focus on PvP, and more raiding in return. Half the raids, I still lack killing the final boss (notice a trend?).
For a little more than a year, we were in 2 guilds. A 25 man guild for raiding Naxxramas+Ulduar, then joining a smaller group with some members from there to raid Ulduar10 and ToC10. After the 10 man guild split up due to lack of members, we have been guildhopping quite a bit. About 1 new guild a month. Trying to find a social guild, that raids decent + doesn't piss on people (mostly in the form of starting raids 1h+ late without telling)


I'm rather diverse, and want to do almost all aspects of the game. Lvl'ing, quest'ing, dungeon'ing, raid'ing, pvp'ing, achivement'ing, danc'ing, etc'ing.
If there is an achivement out there, I want it ! (unless its costly, because I hate to part with gold)
Mostly I'm playing my Warrior, but I got plenty of alts to cover any role needed. 7 chars lvl 79+ (and some horde on the side too)
Out in the "real"? world, I'm 33 years old guy from Denmark. Until november 2010, I was studying to be a teacher, and now I'm done. For the time being I'm home sick, but eventually and hopefully, I'll try ventuering outside in the real world and teach kids stuff (not the important stuff like, don't eat yellow snow, but the useless stuff like history, religion and social science)

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