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The king is dead. Empty The king is dead.

Post  Mikl on Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:31 pm

Did the normal thing, requesting about nothing from pugs, and promising nothing in return.

6 guildies (of which 4 never saw LK before) and 4 pugs (of which none ever killed him) and we still managed to kill him in about one hour.
Now lets prove it wasn't just pure luck, and kill him again next week (hopefully getting more guildies "kingslayer".


Was rather nice to see how fast people were adapting to a new and rather complex fight. When everyone does their job, things gets alot easier Smile And I'm happy to say, that most wipes (both here and on Sindragosa, was due to pugs. Even had to kick a pug from Sindragosa fight)

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